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connecting the branches of Crafts in the U.S. and elsewhere

US Census Record: Craighead Co., Ark., 1940

US Census Record: Craighead Co., Ark., 1940

I found William Alfred Crafts (779) in the 1940 Census, living with his son, daughter-in-law, and grandson – also living right next door to my great-grandparents C(harles) Furman and E. Vetrel Craft, and their kids.

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Resource: Open Library

Open Library

I haven’t fully explored this yet; in fact, I only found it because the GeneaNet newsletter mentioned something called “heraldic visitations” and I was intrigued. Following the link, I found out they were literally visits made by a herald to families of rank in England and Ireland, and their coats of arms were recorded. On the GeneaWiki page I found a link to recorded heraldic visitations in Chestershire, but no other area, so I did a Google search for “heraldic visitation Herefordshire”.

Ah, Google. You make my life easy.

I might have spent years searching physical archives for this, but in 20 minutes (in my pajamas, no less), I found a copy of the published records of the Herefordshire visitations, both downloadable and viewable online, and discovered the Crofts of Croft Castle were most certainly listed, with a description of arms and a family tree, going back to about 1400.

So: the link entitled “Heraldic Visitation, Herefordshire (1569)” in the sidebar there is a link to the Open Library page, which contains a link to the document, and our Crofts may be found on page 20 and following.

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Research: National Archives

So, my genealogy-loving heart just discovered that I happen to be about a 10 minute bus ride from one of the branches of the National Archives, where I can access, among other things, the entirety of extant federal census records from 1790 to 1930 (records less than 72 years old are not yet public domain, to protect the privacy of the living).

I plan to use the census records to create a general outline of how the more recent generations of Crafts have developed (that is, more recent than the published 1893 genealogy linked in the sidebar), centering (this trip) around my ancestor William Alfred (9th gen, #779) and, if time permits, his siblings (of which there were seven). I can get as far as 1930, which will almost connect those past generations with that of my grandparents (most of whom were born right before or right after 1930).

So: Are any of you researching this as well, or trying to connect your own line to the published genealogy? If so, leave a comment anywhere on this blog, and once we’ve made our introductions, I’ll be glad to add you as a contributor to this blog. You can share your research methods, resources, link to genealogy websites and so on.

As I said in my little preface, updating the Crafts family genealogy to the current generations (possibly now as far as the 15th) would be a mammoth task, alone. I’m sharing what I’m doing. If one more person does too, that’s half the work.

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Genealogical Resources

I’ll be adding these to the sidebar soon, but I thought I’d post them just the same.

The Crafts Family: A Genealogical and Biographical History of the Descendants of Griffin and Alice Crafts Of Roxbury, Mass. 1630-1890.

ARC Guide for Genealogists (National Archives).

LDS Library: Family Search

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I recently was sent a link to The Crafts Family: A Genealogical and Biographical History of the Descendants of Griffin and Alice Crafts, and have started to post the information on my genealogical line in GEDCOM format to various places around the internet, to be listed in the sidebar when I get a moment.

In any case, I hope to make contact with others of the Craft(s) line, and maybe, just maybe, start filling in the gaps since The Crafts Family was published in 1893. There’s a long way to go, and a mammoth task for an individual, but it just might be attainable if there are enough of us out there working on it.

13th generation

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